7 famous men with tinnitus

7 famous men with tinnitus

7 male celebrities with tinnitus

In honor of Men’s Health Week (10-16 June 2019), we have decided to compile a list of well-known men with tinnitus.

Everyone on this list has achieved great levels of success in his chosen field which shows that if you manage your symptoms you can live a full and rewarding life.

Before we focus on the celebs on the list, let’s have a quick overview of tinnitus.

What is tinnitus?

Veritas Hearing Tinnitus
If you are hear noises in your head visit an Audiologist.

Imagine having a sound in your head that nobody else can hear. What if the noise was loud or quiet and unpredictable? Would you be annoyed? Do you think you would get used to it? How would you cope?

Well, tinnitus is described as a noise in your head that only you can hear.

Common sounds are buzzing, ringing, whistling, chirping or other sounds. The symptoms vary and can be temporary or ongoing. The volume might stay the same, increase or decrease because it affects people differently.

Exposure to noise, injuries to the head and neck, and ear infections can cause tinnitus. However phantom sounds might be an indication of an underlying medical problem. Other triggers are damage to the cochlea. Symptoms might get worse if you take large amounts of medication like aspirin.

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

There is currently no cure but there are ways to alleviate the symptoms and we will cover some further on in this post.

It’s not uncommon for people with tinnitus to suffer from insomnia, irritability, sensitivity to loud noises, problems with concentration, depression, and anxiety.

Famous musicians with tinnitus

Be safe when you’re on stage protect your ears!

1.Will I Am

The Black Eyed Peas frontman relies upon his hearing to make his biggest hits. In a recent interview with The Sunday Times he explained that the damage to his ears is extensive ‘I’m 43. When I went to the doctor and got an ear test, they said, ‘Your ears are that of someone a lot older.’ 

Will I Am has said that his tinnitus is a side effect of Attention Deficit Disorder and says his symptoms are painful.

2. Mark Ronson

Producer Mark is behind a slew of hits including ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’ with Miley Cyrus. In a 2017 interview with Mixmag Mark said ‘I’ve had tinnitus for over 10 years and it affects me 24/7′. Ronson has campaigned for the British Tinnitus Association to raise awareness.

3. Noel Gallagher

Noel described his illness as ‘bizarre ringing in his ears’.  He believed that being a guitarist with Oasis and The High Flying Birds had caused him to hear sounds in his head. His brother Liam also hears noises and said ‘Without a doubt I have tinnitus. You’re not a proper rock ‘n’ roll star if you don’t’.

4. Ozzy Osbourne

The Birmingham born Black Sabbath frontman has permanent tinnitus. He has described it as ‘constant ringing in my ears, which has made me somewhat deaf.’  The rocker performs death metal and is always on tour and is constantly in environments with high pitched pulsating sounds and chanting crowds.

Famous actors with tinnitus

5. Steve Martin

Actor Steve damaged his hearing when filming a shoot-out scene in the box office hit ‘The 3 Amigos’ in the ’80s. Little is known about how he manages his symptoms. However he gave the following quote regarding tinnitus ‘You just get used to it, or you go insane’.

6.Plan B

The multitalented artist is best known for the film Ill Manors. In a candid interview, he revealed he initially thought that his symptoms were ‘trains rushing by my house as I live near a railway line’ until he visited an audiologist. Plan B now has to wear special earplugs when he is asleep. 

Plan B advises performers to wear earplugs during performances. ‘You’re not Superman and your hearing matters!’

A star is born

7. Jackson Maine

We know that Maine is a fictional character but ‘A Star is Born’ was one of the biggest movies in 2018. Jackson served as a cautionary tale for people with tinnitus. He does not manage the sounds in his head well and refuses to wear earplugs when performing because he is afraid of losing his bond with the crowd. He also becomes addicted to his tinnitus medication.

How we can help with your symptoms!

If you believe you have tinnitus then we would advise you to see a GP in the first instance.

You could also contact us today to book a hearing test.

Our Audiologists offer Tinnitus Therapy and can devise a plan for a better quality of life.

Removing earwax can reduce the symptoms so remember to seek help.

We also sell Phonak Audéo Marvel Hearing Aids to treat people that hear internal noises because they improve and enhance sound. These hearing aids have a specialist Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator.

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The Phonak Audéo Marvel can help allay your symptoms

If you’re a musician or someone who works in noisy environments then we have several options for you. You can try some of our state of the art Elacin ER Earplugs. These custom made earplugs will protect your ears whilst giving you an enriched sound quality.

At your appointment, our Audiologist might recommend PROTECThear custom-made soft silicone earplugs that protect your ears and are comfortable enough to wear for long periods.

It is important to see an Audiologist because we understand your symptoms and will devise the best plan for you.

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