Invisible hearing aids for sports lovers!

Invisible hearing aids for sports lovers!

Invisible hearing aids are great for sports lovers.

Watching your favorite sport is an emotional rollercoaster. You can hear cheers of delight, screams of anguish and a glorious blend of sounds including blaring music. Not to mention commentators and your favorite sports heroes and other sounds. If you have hearing loss then you might find it difficult to enjoy every aspect of the match. Using an invisible hearing aid can enhance your enjoyment of sports and life in general.

This summer is rife with sporting events, so far Lucy Bronze and the Lionesses have been roaring to victory with their recent wins against Norway and Cameroon.

We also have the Cricket World Cup where England will face off against India. July will bring tennis to the forefront with Wimbledon. Old faces Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic are sure to be big draws this summer. If you are a sports fan with hearing loss then you will not want to miss out on the action.

Hearing loss and sports matches

Don’t start off on the wrong foot wear an invisible hearing aid!

Whether you have severe or moderate hearing loss it can be difficult to hear when watching your favorite sports. Large crowds generate huge sounds and you may find yourself struggling to hear.

If you’re lucky enough to watch cricket, Wimbledon or football live then the beautiful game can easily become a cacophony of distorted sounds if you don’t have a hearing aid or you’re using a low spec one.

You will definitely notice hearing loss at a large event because when people are losing their hearing they automatically begin to lip read, this is not always possible in a crowded environment. Don’t struggle with hearing loss book a test today.

Don’t miss out get an invisible hearing aid!

Hear everything when you watch Wimbledon with an invisible hearing aid

Regular readers of this blog will know that not all hearing loss is permanent and that you should always see your GP to rule out other conditions. If you come and see us we might simply recommend an earwax removal treatment which can improve the quality of your hearing.

If your hearing loss is more advanced then we can offer you the latest high tech invisible hearing aids.

What is an invisible hearing aid?

Invisible hearing aids are custom made small listening devices that are situated deep inside your ear canal. In most varieties, people will not be able to see the faceplate of your hearing aid and this why they are known as invisible!

Our invisible hearing aids are great if you have mild or severe hearing loss and will definitely improve the quality of your hearing and enhance your sporting experience. Our hidden hearing aids are custom made and discreet unlike older bulkier hearing aids designs of the past.

At Veritas we offer a range different types of invisible hearing aids including Completely in the Canal aids (CIC) and Invisible in the Canal Aids (IIC). Both types are similar but IIC aids are slightly smaller and sit deeper in the canal so are even less visible.

Why should I choose the Phonak Virto B Titanium?

The Phonak Virto B-Titanium invisible is extremely discreet.

If you are after a high-performance hearing aid that is discreet and lightweight then look no further. We highly recommend the Phonak Virto B-Titanium invisible hearing aid. It is an IIC model but if you have a very narrow ear canal it might look more like a CIC model.

The Virto B Titanium is made from super light flexible medical-grade titanium. This hearing aid is the smallest custom made aid Phonak has ever made.

Some benefits of the Virto B Titanium are highlighted below:

  • Ideal for first-time wearers as it’s extremely discreet
  • Is guaranteed to fit because it’s custom made for your ear
  • Dust and water resistant
  • It is automatic (you do not need to manually adjust it)
  • Precisely set to match your ear anatomy
  • Is available in a range of colors

As a sports fan, you will have the benefit of enriched sound and an aesthetically pleasing invisible hearing aid.

If you would like book an appointment to discuss the Phonak Virto B-Titanium invisible hearing aid contact us now.

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