Earwax Removal in Birmingham

Earwax Removal in Birmingham

Ear Cleaning in Birmingham

Earwax removal and microsuction blog Veritas Hearing Birmingham.
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Birmingham is often called the second city. But if you have a problem with earwax we will give you first-class treatment! We have recently discussed earwax in this blog but today we want to explain how Microsuction works.

Birmingham- let’s talk about microsuction!

If you have problems with your hearing then you may require microsuction. If you’re wondering what microsuction is then you’re reading the right blog! The term refers to the removal of earwax, debris or infection from your ears with a small suction tool and magnifying equipment. The magnifying equipment can either be loupes (small magnifying glasses) or a binaural microscope. Both items enable your audiologist to thoroughly examine your ears.

Only hearing care professionals are allowed to do microsuction because the ear is a delicate area that requires specialist knowledge. At Veritas we have a team of audiologists that can cover Birmingham, the East Midlands, and Northern areas to treat blocked ears.

How do I know if I need microsuction?

Improved hearing can make conversations with loved ones easier.

Your GP will normally advise you that have a wax buildup and might recommend microsuction or other removal techniques.

If you have not seen your GP then the following symptoms may be an indication that you have too much wax in your ears.

  • Muffled hearing
  • Pain in your ears
  • Your ears might feel itchy
  • Hearing ringing in your ears
  • Your ears might feel blocked
  • You might feel dizzy

Do not self diagnose please see your doctor and ensure that your symptoms are correct before seeking treatment. If you’re lucky enough to live in Birmingham call us on 0121 439 9432 to book an appointment.

What causes earwax buildup?

The following things can cause an earwax buildup:

  • Using cotton buds
  • Narrow ear canals
  • Age, because earwax gets drier as we get older
  • Using earphones and devices that obstruct the ear canal
  • People who naturally produce harder or drier wax
  • Hairy ear canals
  • Hearing aids if the filters are not changed regularly or properly

If you have a problem with earwax and you live in Birmingham or surrounding areas book an appointment today!

Microsuction in Birmingham

If you live in Birmingham pay us a visit!

Historically GP’s used to treat earwax and with irrigation or ear syringing, however, the demands of the NHS have led many to refer patients to private companies to seek treatment. Birmingham and the East Midlands are perfect examples where the demand for earwax removal has led people to come to us for quicker appointments than the NHS can offer.

What are the benefits of microsuction?

Microsuction will improve the quality of your hearing.
  • It’s fast-treatment can be completed in 30-60 minutes!
  • Improved hearing
  • Improved balance
  • Generally pain-free
  • There’s no water in the ears so there is less risk of infection
  • Mess free
  • It can be used on perforated eardrums
  • You do not need to use eardrops prior to treatment

The benefits of microsuction are wide-reaching and many people consider to be the best way to remove wax. Health Care professionals are opting to use microsuction in the first instance unless there are reasons that prevent them from doing so.

What are the disadvantages of microsuction?

  • You might feel dizzy afterward
  • Perforated eardrums
  • Ear infections
  • Damage to your ear canal
  • Temporary changes to your hearing threshold
  • Noise -the suction device is in your ear/s so can sound loud
  • Can trigger tinnitus
  • It can be uncomfortable

The above risks are extremely uncommon and most people that have microsuction do not report any issues. If you live in Birmingham or surrounding areas contact us with your queries or concerns.

Here at Veritas, we value your welfare and continuously strive to provide an excellent service.

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