Mother’s Day 2019; give the gift of hearing health!

Mother’s Day 2019; give the gift of hearing health!

Mother’s Day is coming up next Sunday and it is a day to be grateful for all of our brilliant Mums and Grandmas out there. From the Mums who have got out of bed at 2am to sort us out when we’ve been ill to the Mums who are always at the end of the phone telling us how much flour we need in the cake! We think that this day is a brilliant reminder of how much our Mums have cared for us over the years.

Give the gift of hearing health

If your Mum is getting a little older now, it might be the ideal time to start caring for her. Have you noticed when you go to see your her that she has the TV or radio turned up a little louder than normal? Does she struggle a bit more than usual to hear the conversation at a busy restaurant? If the answer is yes, it is time to stop ignoring the issue and help your Mum out.

Does she keep asking you to repeat yourself?

This would of course be the most obvious sign of hearing deterioration. People with hearing loss tend to have trouble hearing speech and hearing aids are designed to improve speech. It is usually the higher frequencies that people struggle with first. That means your Mum may have the most difficulty with female voices and the grandchildren. You may also find that you have to pronounce your S’s and T’s with much more emphasis. You may also find they have much more difficulty communicating with others as opposed to with your Dad. This is because often a partner will adapt the way they speak to assist.

Is she lip-reading?

The most common way of making up for a hearing loss is by reading lips and body language. In fact, people become very skilled at this. So much so that it might not even appear that they’re having problems hearing. The issue with this is that it requires a high level of concentration. Hence, it could lead to some very serious health effects down the road, including dementia. What you will find is that they have great difficulty hearing on the phone when neither lip reading or body language is an option. They may also ask implicitly or explicitly to face you when you’re speaking to them.

Deafening noise coming from the TV?

The final compensating behaviour used by those with hearing loss is to rely on turning the volume up. If you walk into the room and the TV or radio is set to maximum volume and you find yourself constantly having to turn it down because it’s too loud, it’s likely they have a hearing loss. Noise complaints about the television being too loud may be a frequent complaint from the next door neighbours.

It is common for people to experience age-related hearing loss and it can be fixed so easily with a hearing aid. If you have any concerns about your mother, or any family member, please give us a call for a chat. We can give you some advice and we even offer full hearing consultations. This can be carried out in one of our many branches or even in the comfort of your own home.

A very happy Mother’s Day to all of the brilliant, deserving, Mummy’s out there from us all at Veritas Hearing.

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