Hearing loss, sports and summer: where to protect yourself in 2017

Hearing loss, sports and summer: where to protect yourself in 2017

Hearing loss, sports and summer are not words you usually hear in the same sentence but with Summer finally upon us, it’s time to get out and enjoy our favourites sports. If you’re lucky enough to be able to attend any sports events in person this Summer, be sure to protect your hearing. Below are three sports to look forward to over the coming months and also where you should where hearing protection like ear muffs or ear plugs.


If you were lucky enough to be able to see Arsenal beat Chelsea to win the FA Cup then we hope you had proper hearing protection. There aren’t many sports with an atmosphere as electric as football but with that atmosphere comes a lot of ear damaging noise. England have an action-packed football season this summer playing Scotland for the World Cup qualifiers on Saturday 10th June and former world champions France on Tuesday 13th June. Just try and stay away from any vuvuzelas…


The summer is going to have a lot of Rugby both this month and the next. England are playing Argentina next Saturday on the 10th June. The British and Irish Lions are playing New Zealand later this month and if that wasn’t enough, twice again in July. If you’re lucky enough to see any of these, expect not just big players but a big crowd too. Protecting your hearing certainly won’t stop England scoring that extra try and you’ll be able to preserve your hearing when it happens.


Certainly not the first sport you think of when you think of loud sports but cricket has gone through some changes over the years. With the growing popularity of the Twenty 20 format, cricket has become easier to follow and certainly easier to fit in if you have a busy schedule. England are set to play South Africa in the Twenty20 internationals from the 21st to the 25th this month. Still need to get your cricket fix? England will be playing Australia for the ICC Champions Trophy in Edgbaston on June 10th.

If you’d like any help or advice about hearing protection at sports events for you or your sons and daughters, get in touch with us here at Veritas and we’re more than happy to help.

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