Easter Bank Holiday & nice weather? We can’t wait!

Easter Bank Holiday & nice weather? We can’t wait!

We’ve already had patches of nice weather so far this Spring but it’s fair to say the last few weeks haven’t been great… Persistent rain, hail, wind and even a bit of thunder have plagued us for the last month but the good news is that this is all due to change this Easter Bank Holiday weekend! With the Met Office predicting highs of 19 degrees, we imagine you’ll be making the most of the long weekend. With the lateness of Easter this year, we also have the May Day Bank Holiday to look forward to in just a few short weeks as well! We hope you have the best time enjoying the weather with your friends and family… and we have a few tips for you to look after your hearing.

The Sound of Summer

There are lots of noises that can contribute to hearing loss during the Summer months, especially if you like gardening. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers often reach up to 100 decibels so you should be wearing earplugs / muffs while doing these activities. The same applies if you are off to any music festivals. Music festivals can cause permanent damage to your hearing so be sure to protect yourself.


Make sure you keep the following things in mind if you are off for a dip this Summer. Water can get lodged in your ear which causes something known as swimmer’s ear. This is an infection of the outer ear where extra water creates a moist environment for bacteria to grow which leads to an infection. As we’ve often mentioned here, a lot of people try putting things in their ears to clean them. This can damage the thin layer of skin in your ear canal which can make an infection more likely. You can prevent this from happening by wearing some swimming earplugs and tilting your head to one side to let any excess water drain out before wiping your outer ear gently with a towel.

Flying away this Easter?

We’ve all experienced the pain of changes in air pressure when flying abroad for holiday. Unfortunately, in some cases this can lead to damaging your ears and even hearing loss. The rapid change in pressure during ascent and descent can cause pain. Equalising the pressure inside your ear and your environment can help you avoid any pain and in rare cases, damage to your ear that can lead to a permanent hearing loss. The Valsava manoeuvre can be used to do this. Fill your mouth with air, squeeze your nose and force the air out of your ears till they pop. However, you should not do this if you have a cold, congestion or an allergy attack. In fact, flying at all if you have any of these is a bad idea. A burst eardrum or infection can occur that leads to permanent hearing damage.

If you’re looking for more advice, hearing aids or even some tinnitus therapy with one of our qualified audiologists, get in touch with Veritas today.

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