Dare we look ahead to Spring?

Dare we look ahead to Spring?

With temperatures set to soar over the weekend and into next week, dare we risk getting excited for Spring? Every season comes with its own sounds and the challenges they bring and hearing loss in Spring is no different. It really only was a few weeks ago that we were warning you about snow, ice and hail. Hey, the weather never can make its mind up! Below are the sounds you can expect to hear this Spring.


The high frequencies are usually the first ones lost with hearing loss. That’s why those having trouble with their hearing will often have difficulty hearing children and female voices. That means hearing your grandchildren or the female members of your family, especially during family gatherings can be a challenge. With everyday sounds however, birdsong at Spring time is what you’re likely to miss especially if you’re an avid birdwatcher. Indeed, there are stories online of older birdwatchers seeing a Robin, a Teal or Duck but not being able to hear it sing. If you notice you don’t hear the birds sing anymore, that’s a sure sign you have a hearing loss.


The cricket season may not yet have officially started but England have been playing in the West Indies recently. The season officially starts mid-April. But there are a few nice one day international game to see in March and April this year. Cricket comes with a range of challenges if you’re watching the match and you have a hearing loss in Spring. You have the bowler running up to deliver the ball, the ball bouncing off the ground, the crack of the ball hitting the bat, the batters running to make it over the line and the ball hitting the stumps. None of these sounds are especially loud. They are even more difficult to make out with an excited crowd of English fans sporting beer, St. George’s flags and chanting at the top of their lungs.

April Showers

With the April showers right around the corner, what would any month be in England without a spot of rain? The April showers are partly caused by the position of the Jetstream that time of year which brings strong winds and rain from the Atlantic. That’s where the saying “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers”. A heavy downpour produces over 50 decibels of sound which is comparable to the dishwasher or a regular conversation. So if you’re having trouble with hearing the rain, you’re almost certainly going to have trouble with having a chat with people.

If you’re having trouble hearing any of the above, then it may be time you booked a hearing test. Give us a ring or drop us a message here at Veritas to book a consultation today.

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