Hearing Tests

Your first visit with our Hearing Experts

We want you to be at ease and familiar with what will happen during your hearing test with us, so we have put together some important information that will help you.

Above all we would like you to feel comfortable, relaxed and happy in the knowledge that you are taking positive steps towards better hearing. The consultation may take up to an hour so you may want to ask a close family member or friend to be there to support you.

We want to know how you feel about your hearing. You will be asked what areas you feel any loss has been noticed in and what situations are important for you to hear better in. We will ask you several important questions relating to your hearing to ensure your hearing history is covered.


Ear Examination
A thorough examination of your ears will be carried out to reveal any medical problems such as wax blockages and infections. If your Hearing Aid Audiologist finds anything abnormal at this stage, you will be referred to your GP for a further investigation.


Your Hearing Test
Our Hearing Aid Audiologist will then conduct a series of preliminary tests to determine any loss. This will be followed by an audiometric test where different sounds will be presented to you through headphones. All you need to do is tell our experts when you hear the sounds by pressing a button. We will then explain the results to you.


The Options for you
If you have a hearing loss we will discuss the different styles of hearing aids available to you and demonstrate the positive difference hearing instruments can make to your hearing and life. You will then be able to experience for yourself exactly what situations hearing aids will help you in. Once you decide to proceed, our Hearing Aid Audiologist will then go through your order and we will arrange a fitting appointment suitable for you.

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