Have a Blissful Nights Sleep

Are you a light sleeper and get easily awoken by the slightest noise?

Do you have a partner or a loved one whose snoring is keeping you awake at night?

We have the solution. Our Sleep Fit Earplugs are tailor made for your ears and made from extra soft silicone material. They are designed to block out ambient noise at night, ensuring you have a good night’s sleep, while still allowing you to hear the alarm in the morning.

We will take impressions of your ears so the sleep fit earplugs fit you perfectly. We will also fit the earplugs for you and show you how to insert and remove them along with any other questions you may have.

If you suffer in silence and are affected by noise which keeps you up at night, contact us now to see if we can help!

Supplied With:
• Presentation pouch
• Comfort Cream


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