Our hearing aids are cutting edge.

Are you thinking hearing aids are big and noticeable? Take another look.

Our hearing aids are small, discreet and more attractive than ever. Some are virtually invisible when worn, while others boast elegant designs and fashionable colours you won’t want to hide.

All our hearing aid solutions are available with state of the art technology with multiple technological advances including features such as background noise reduction, wireless & blue tooth connectivity and are fully automated.

We have all experienced the new car feel, now experience the new hearing aid feel. You’ll love it.

Invisible (CIC / IIC / Nano)
These invisible hearing aids are custom designed for each individual and fit directly into the ear. The smallest versions sit in the ear canal and are virtually invisible. These models are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.
Receiver In Canal (RIC)
The latest innovation in digital technology, almost invisible from the front or side. These aids sit behind the ear and are micro in size. An almost invisible thin tube connects the hearing aid to a receiver which sits inside the ear. These aids are ideal for mild to severe hearing losses.
Behind the Ear (BTE)
Traditional Behind the Ear (BTE) aids have a custom made mould which fits into the ear and is connected to a hearing aid which sits behind the ear. BTE’s are usually prescribed for severe to profound hearing loss.

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