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Whether you are looking for invisible hearing aids, glasses hearing aids or rechargeable bluetooth hearing aids we will provide you the quality expertise to help you choose.

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Ear Wax Removal

Our advanced microsuction ear wax removal procedure gently removes wax without the hassle of waiting for a syringe appointment at your GP surgery.

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Hearing Aid Store

Buy hearing aid batteries, wax filters and everything else you need to maintain your hearing devices here. Next day delivery.

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Russell F

I would like to say thank you to Robina Rayasat for the excellent service on Tuesday 4th June she was professional, courteous, and helpful.I am very happy to recommend Veritas, for a fine job they have done for me. If I was asked how many points I would give out of 10, I would award 12! I am delighted with my hearing aids it makes life so much easier, I never realised how deaf I was before I got my hearing aids. Russell F.

Rory M

I was impressed by the type and range of tests you did in order to analyse my current hearing situation. These were more comprehensive and went further than I have experienced before. Rory M.

Pauline H.

It seems that your aftersales service is second to none.


A big thank you to Robina who as you must be aware is a tremendous asset to your company. Pauline H.

Surbjit S.

I would like to say thank you to Robina Rayasat for the excellent service on Tuesday 4th June she was professional, courteous, and helpful. Surbjit S.

Barbara L.

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am that I decided to purchase my hearing aids.
I would recommend anyone who is having difficulty hearing to have their ears tested and not to neglect them as I did for many years. Barbara L.

Irene F

I used to think my family mumbled but with the aid of Veritas I hear them clearly. Thank you for your excellent service. Irene F.

Julie H.

The service and support from Veritas Hearing throughout the consultation and fitting process has been professional, courteous, and helpful.

It is wonderful to be able to hear well again, I look forward to our next appointment in December. Julie H.

Raymond C.

I am happy to recommend Veritas Hearing as a company that provides great service and care to its customers. Raymond C.

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